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Beard Choices for Different Faces

Think about your facial hair: do you have a particular shaving style, or settle for a default maintenance routine?

Have you considered what beard styles work well with the rest of your head + face features?

To figure out what look works best for your appearance, you’ll need to think about the beard you have to work with, your face, your head and what qualities you want to enhance. Read on to find the best beard style 2019 has to offer you!

Best Beard Style for Round Faces

Close-up black and white photo of a man's goatee beard

Want to have a more defined chin? Any short beard with thin sides (or no sides at all) will do the trick. The champion of this is, of course, the goatee. It draws attention to your chin and makes your face look narrower. This can give the illusion of harder angles, as well as emphasize an already strong chin.

There are many goatee styles, all of which are easy to maintain. The best style for you may depend on how and where your facial hair grows, as the area around the mouth can be unpredictable. For the smoothest look, lose the mustache and keep the goatee trimmed.

Best Beard Style for Long Faces

Man with strong facial features, short hair, and a long full beard

If your face is particularly long and thin, help it look more balanced with a full beard, or a style that adds some dimension to the sides of your face. This brings you closer to the typical ideal of an oval shape.

Want a stronger appearance? A longer beard that extends downward more than outward will lose some points in balance, but will give the illusion of a particularly strong jawline. Shape is important for this style, so consider finding a professional.

Best Beard Style for Patchy Beards

Man with hat, glasses, and a short beard with mustache

Short beard styles with short hair (or medium-length hair) work exceptionally well with patchy beards. Case study: Keanu Reeves. Grow your beard continuously, trimming the longest parts to stay the same length as the patchy areas. If you don’t want to wait, a conservative chin-centered style with minimum maintenance (like a goatee or soul patch) works just as well.

Best Beard Style for Thin Beards

Man with short hair and full beard

Facial hair that never gets thick also takes a long time to gain length. Keep it short or stubbly for easy maintenance and a unique look that softens your features while giving your face a more rugged texture.

To give stronger definition to your face, choose a compact or narrow style, such as a chinstrap or goatee. Thin facial hair is also often patchy, so this may not work for everyone. Use your judgment – you know your face best.

Best Beard Style for Bald Guys

Bald man with full beard

Hair changes the perceived shape of your head. With nothing to balance out your beard, facial hair does all the heavy lifting. Since your facial hair then becomes the main attraction, there are actually very few troublesome types of beards for bald guys.

For cleaner-looking features, choose a style with hard edges that complements your head shape. If you want a more striking appearance, build definition and contrast with a long, full beard. Remember: your beard will be the focal point of your countenance, so keep it well-maintained and well-shaped. A little beard oil will go a long way.

New Style, New Care

Switching up your look may mean switching up your maintenance. Every beard needs a wash – keep your face itch-free and your facial hair looking fresh.

New to beard care? Pick up some essentials to get started, then follow Bumble & Co. on Twitter and look out for our blogs on beard care products and tips!

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