Floral Bath Salts | 9.5 oz

Floral Bath Salts


Our mineral-rich, all natural floral bathing salts will help soothe sore muscles + stressed senses while quietly ridding the body of impurities, leaving soft, clean + clear skin that is delicately scented.


With hand selected botanicals, these all-natural floral bath salts are essential for a relaxing bath. The formula is made with a detoxifying and softening blend of sea salts which combine with bath water to penetrate skin, leaving it clean + smooth and muscles relaxed + soothed. While soaking, the soft, floral scents permeate the air, dissolving tension and stress. These floral bathing salts will ease the senses and relax the mind.

Floral Bath Salt Ingredients | All Natural

Dead Sea salt, sea salt, dried flowers + herbs, Himalayan Sea salt.


Pour a small amount of salt into a warm back for an aromatic, relaxing soak.  Add more for a detoxifying bath, skin therapy, and/or to soothe muscle aches and pains. Soak at least 20 minutes.

9.5 oz | contained in reusable corked glass with wooden spoon

Bath salts are a wonderful gift idea or a special pampering treat for yourself. Our Bumble & Co. floral bath salts are packaged in an attractive glass jar with a cork top and come complete with a wooden spoon for measuring the salts into your bath. The bottle will make an attractive addition to any bathroom.

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