BEE a MAN Shave Collection

Lavender and patchouli shave soap


2-piece BEE a MAN basics for a close, comfortable shave.

  • 4 oz. Shave Soap
  • Shave Brush


BEE a MAN Shave Collection includes:
  • 4 oz. Shave Soap | patchouli, lavender + pine
  • Shave Brush | wood handle + boar hair

Handsomely packaged in a natural fiber bag.

This rich, emollient, handcrafted shave soap makes for a natural silky lather and a smooth wet shave, giving great razor glide without irritation …. leaving skin soft + moisturized. BEE a MAN shaving soap is enriched with hemp oil, shea butter and bentonite clay and softly scented with only the finest of essential lavender, patchouli and pine oils. Discover traditional men’s grooming with wet shaving … you will never go back to using commercial chemical laden shaving cream once you try this real shaving soap.

Ingredients | All Natural

Saponified coconut, safflower, palm + hemp seed oils, vegetable glycerine, raw shea butter, purified water, sorbitol sorbitan oleate, soybean protein, titanium dioxide, bentonite clay, essential oils of patchouli, lavender + pine, wheat protein.


After showering or heating face with warm damp cloth, wet shave brush with hot water and make a lather with product in a circle motion. Apply lather to skin, then shave. Repeat application for directional shaving patterns. Rinse well.

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